If you are looking to SCALE, FIX or EXIT your business, then you’ve probably asked yourself this question already….


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Any business investigation process starts with an indication of where your business is at NOW, and there is no need to second guess. The EXITGuy uses a proprietary online, independent assessment that gives you an honest look at the value of your business right now. It is the ideal starting point, with most business owners seeing this process as either too hard, complex or costly. Not anymore.


The valuation goes one step further, outlining areas where the business can be enhanced, focusing on 8 key value drivers, to maximise your EXIT value. These proven strategies take your company from a good business to one that is highly attractive – regardless of your EXIT choice.
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  • Free independent valuation of your business

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  • An indication to the future valuation – based on proven methodology – in 8 key areas

  • Free 27-page report – reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of your business

  • Free follow up consultation (only if you want) outlining the key areas of the report

This is a 100% confidential, accurate and free business valuation.