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The EXITRoom Program

A high-performance coaching group for exiting your business on your terms and at a higher value with the help of Rohan Wood and other high-level EXITRoom members

There are 3 objectives to the EXITRoom:

  • Help you structure your EXIT so you maximise your return after all your years of hard work.

  • Build a business that is attractive to future purchaser that does not relay on YOU.

  • Help you change your life by giving you choice to EXIT on your terms – when and how you want.

If you already have an established business and you want to EXIT within the next 1-3 years, then this may be for you.

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My Goals For Your Business

1. Profit before owner salaries >50% whilst reducing partner time <30%

2. Helping all clients that you want to keep focus on the core products and services that they need to help them achieve their goals

3. Have an improved “Value builder” score that has a measurable improvement in the multiple of your pre-tax profit

4. Build an attractive business, that has an executable strategic plan that is measured periodically, that all the resources in the business are focused on

5. Implementing the right projects in the right way so that the numbers improve.

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Potential Program Exit Return

Who It's For

➔ Ambitious business owners who want double or triple their EXIT value in the next 1-3 years.

➔ A good business now – measured by awards, good KPI’s or what you have already implemented.

➔ Sharer – must be willing to share IP and achievements with other firms. The more you GIVE the more you GET!

➔ Implementer – must have track record of implementation.

➔ Good people who are fun to work with!

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Who It's Not For

★ Business owners or organisations that have a track record of FTI – Failure to Implement.

★ Start up businesses – you need to have already business that can leverage of its resources to improve market attractiveness.

★ Small Businesses – you need to be established and have at least US$1M in annual revenue.

★ Large Organisations – if you’re over $10M then we can look at something different.

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Investment Structure & Terms

  1. Alignment – $3333 once off (online only) or $15,000 (online plus team workshop) plus appropriate taxes. If a team workshop then costs of travel share and accommodation is extra. Paid immediately upon signing up.
  2. Coaching – $3333 per month plus appropriate taxes. Paid by credit card on stripe starting

the month of your first face to face meeting.

  1. Implementation (Khorus software) – US$500 upfront for training + US$15 per user per month. Paid 12 months in advance direct to Khorus. Around 50% of your team will need access to Khorus.

Value Builder Software – US$500 upfront for training + survey access. Paid 12 months in advance direct to Value Builder. Only you will need this software.

  1. Support is not charged separately. It’s unmetered and included in the above.

Minimum 12-month term then month to month. However, ‘things happen’ and if it’s not working for you it’s not working for me and you can cancel at any time with no recourse. I would like to think you mentally commit to 12 months at least.

The process from here

If you think this is for you then you should apply NOW.

After you apply, I will look at your application form and let you know if this is for you (or not). The next step will be a 1:1 Zoom call with me and all of your shareholders or leadership team. I’ll have more questions for you so I can get a ‘feel’ for your business and if you’re a great fit for the other businesses I am working with.