“I have known Rohan for a number of years both on a professional and personal level. Most obviously, Rohan is a great strategic thinker and communicator. For me he is a trusted authority on all things to do in the fix, scale and exit space. He knows all of the pieces of the puzzle, which strategies to use and when best they can be applied. The outcome speaks for themselves. Having an agricultural background like myself, he speaks openly and honestly and is not afraid of having the tough conversation. He is the guy that I want my corner, batting for me, so I can get on with what I do best.”


Gavin ScurrPinata Group (Australia’s leading berry, mango and pineapple producer)

“I was lucky to be in an EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation) forum when Rohan took over as our moderator. To say that the forum was dysfunctional prior to Rohan’s leadership was an understatement. Within a short time, the forum was back on track with clear goals and the accountability systems to ensure that our time together was effective (no mean feat given that there were more than eight successful business owners within that room, all with their own agendas and goals). Within 12 months, we were recognised as Brisbane’s leading forum, fully outcome focused and thoroughly enjoying the journey. I was soon to realise that Rohan employs the same systems and techniques that he uses when he buys, builds and exits his enterprises. He is a master at this game and if you get the opportunity to work with him – go for it.”

Nathan HanceyHancey’s Turf (Australia’s leading provider of turf and genetics)

“I connected with Rohan via LinkedIn. He had an interesting profile and I’m looking at scaling my business to the next level. I’m also exploring how to build an asset that is attractive to sell if I decide I’d like to one day. We connected and he sent me a link to his Sellability Score questionnaire. It took 15-minutes to complete and to be honest, I was initially a bit sceptical and just thought it was some sales gimmicky thing. In fact the reverse was true. I filled it in, got my Sellability Score report (benchmarked) and received an offer to speak to Rohan further about the report. I really thought it was going to be a hard sell but I was mistaken. We spoke out my business, he concentrated and listened to me and we spoke about what makes my business attractive and the business Sellability Score. While we both agreed that I am not at the stage in my business to take our relationship to the next level, Rohan sent me a report and pointed me in the right direction to get things cracking. I really got value out of our time together and my goal is to work on the business so Rohan and I can work together moving forward. Sceptical at first, then realised it was a risk free process that added immense value.”

Jarra CampbellBondi Alchemist – (Owner / Founder of Australia’s inspirational fashion surf label)   

“I was lucky enough to work with Rohan after he had just disposed of his last business, prior to him setting up the EXITGuy. We had hit a glass ceiling regard to our expansion program and needed assistance to go to the next level. Rohan was instrumental in putting the foundations in place, setting the strategy, measurements and getting the team (and me) focused on the things that matters. The results have been outstanding – the entire business knows the numbers, our ATV’s, our targets, and what is required to scale the business. The numbers speak for themselves, although most importantly – so do the team.”

Adam ThompsonStenhouse Lifting (National provider of safety equipment and compliance testing within the crane industry)

“Across my career I’ve often had the privilege of working with some outstanding consultants from McKinsey, BCG. Colleagues who went to Harvard and Stanford to do MBAs and my peers from INSEAD. I would stand Rohan up against any of them on an equal basis in terms of grasp of business and consulting frameworks. However, what distinguishes Rohan is his ability to apply the highest quality thinking in a manner that is practical and 100% relevant for SME business like the one I own. Every time Rohan picked the few critical right things for the business at that time, in the right depth, and communicated them with my team in a simple way that created momentum for execution. In short Rohan breaks it down and just gets the job done and I’m incredibly grateful for the impact he has had every time we have engaged him over the years.”

Chris SelwaManaging Founder and Director, Medigroup EBI, MBA (INSEAD), MEng (Cambridge)

“SCODY was one of the first businesses that Rohan bought into, built and sold. Initially, Rohan started coaching me after an introduction from an industry associate. Whilst working with me, the business analytics changed positively. Thankfully he became my business partner, where we fixed, scaled and exited the business within 18 months, resulted in an amazing 187% return on investment. Just work with him, don’t hesitate – he knows from doing, not textbooks.”

Nigel FileEntrepreneur, Investor, Developer, ex Business Partner

“I have known Rohan for more than 10 years when he was involved in the QSR industry. More recently, he was the Chairman of the PA Innovation Board where I was a member. Rohan hand-picked the board members – all highly experienced business people with a lot to add to the foundation objectives. It was a challenging board, although Rohan provided great leadership and facilitation skills – he is exceptionally outcome focused. I have no hesitation in working with him again in the future.”

Tom PotterFounder Eagle Boys Pizza / Professional Director / FAICD Member / Australian Franchising Hall of Fame