Since leaving home at 15 I have forged a successful entrepreneur career in both public and private enterprises. However, I didn’t start off being successful. I just couldn’t seem to make the most of my opportunities.

The bottom line was this: I was stuck working in business 100 hours a week, operating on minimal sleep per night, totally stressed. I wanted to expand but kept having a glass ceiling. Coming crashing back to where I started from.

To make maters worse when I did build businesses to a sizeable enterprise, despite the best intentions I couldn’t sell, and I felt trapped… I had nobody to turn to for the critical advice that every high growth business owner needs to know about.

On any given night I would lay awake in bed thinking:

  • How do I exit out of this business and get a good return for all my effort?
  • What makes businesses attractive and sellable?
  • How can I stop working so hard and getting so little?
  • What areas do I need to prioritise and what do I need to do first?
  • How do I get my team and my business to run without me?
  • Why aren’t I successful?

I ask you these questions because I know there is a better way to do things.

However, with the availability of free and unsolicited advice enabled by the internet, there is a lot of dead wrong information out there. All this does is divert you from where your focus should actually be, quite often compounding your issues.

How do I know this?

I have seen business owners EXIT their business, for less than it is worth, as they have a lack of choice or opportunities open to them. The truth be told, I have even made the most of these opportunities, buying, building and selling such businesses in the last 18 years. Business owners fall into such traps by not having a workable EXIT strategy, being unprepared, or simply not having the knowledge of what to do.

Market ready experienced buyers make the most of these opportunities, capitalising on the seller’s lack of knowledge (I should know, I have bought, built and sold 9 businesses in 16 years). After selling my last business, taking a sabbatical at an MBA school, I realised what I applied to my business was a process and could be systemised, measured and passed on to others. Hence, the EXITGuy was developed.

Giving business owners a measurable improvement in their business value through knowledge transfer, I get owners to realise to MAXIMISE their exit. Their EXIT is not necessarily a sale, it is all about having the ability to choose an EXIT on their terms.


Given all the above and all I have seen and done, I have created the EXITGuy. It is my privilege to teach and mentor entrepreneurs like you
to fix, scale and exit through the EXITRoom.

It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about selling your business or scaling for the future.

Lets identify today as the time you took action to choose the lifestyle that you deserve. 



  • Bought, built and sold 9 of my own businesses in the last 16 years
  • Raised millions in capital for expansion and buyouts
  • Help multiple entrepreneurs / founders exit on their terms
  • Received multiple awards
  • Entrepreneurs Organisation – Brisbane Chapter
  • Recently advised on a M&A opportunity for a large ASX company
  • Recognised global yachtsman, recently completed the double handed Melbourne to Osaka race
  • Completed multiple ROLEX Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (5+ and counting)
  • Received Vice-Chancellor and Dean’s awards from one of Australia’s most prestigious MBA universities for Business and Valuation
  • Received the Andrew McWhirter’s influencer group award fo business growth and scalability
  • Been a sort after consultant nationally and globally for large blue-chip companies
  • >Ran multi-million-dollar projects – successfully while working for PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Received global coaching recognition for client results and retention
  • Been a chairman and board member for listed and numerous entrepreneurial companies
  • Keynote speaker and presenter for organisations such as Governance Institute of Australia
  • Certified Value Builder and other internationally recognised valuation certifications
  • Most importantly, I’m married with a great wife and 2 sensational kids….


The EXITGuy goal is to remove all roadblocks and issues that stop business owners achieving their goals – a maximised exit. Achieved through providing useful tools and avenues to improve the value of your company so when it comes time to exit, you have a choice and a valuable asset that commands a premium.